Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Under Wraps

Baby nails are super sharp.  Even the most filed, clipped nails are like little razors.  Combine that with the spastic movements of a newborn and it's a yucky situation.  Even though baby's heal super quick, scratches on their face are no fun.  They cry, you want too and it's a no good situation for all.  So instead of letting them scratch themselves, cover their hands with...


It's really quite simple.  My little one had them on for just about 3 months, because every time we took them off she would go straight for her face.  Use the mittens and save face :)

Just Use Windex...the baby version

Remember in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", the dad used windex to cure all, well I've found the baby equivalent of that.  About a month ago my baby girl got a nasty rash under her chin.  It started getting worse so I took her to the pediatrician.  He prescribed an antibiotic cream for her neck and we were on our way.  Everyday I would put on the cream 3 times a day and the rash would start to get better.  Then a couple of days later, it would be back with a vengeance.  Just as I was about to call the doctor again when I decided to try...


It worked!  The rash is now just a little pink and is 10 times better then it was just yesterday!  Balmex not only works wonders on diaper rashes, but chapped hands, lips and noses too.  Now I can say it works on neck rashes too.  Try it!  What's the worst...your baby will be super moisturized.