Sunday, March 20, 2011


Who doesn't love a good massage?  After a long day a simple neck massage.  After a crazy week and nice day at the spa.  After a 60 mile walk a good foot massage.  They are all fantastic!  So why wait until you are an adult?  What about...

Infant Massage!

During my pregnancy I took a class on how to do infant massage at my doctors office.  We practiced on baby dolls and I took a bunch of notes.  But when the baby finally arrived, I realized it was a whole other ball game.  Suddenly, what was so easy on a plastic, non moving doll, was now a little trickier on a living, kicking baby.  So I went back in for part two of the class with the baby.  It was great!  I really got to see how to massage my baby girl so that she could relax and enjoy the massage. 

Infant massage is great.  My baby loves it at night before we go to sleep or right after a nice bath.  I would highly recommend taking a class and learning more about infant massage! 

Contact Meghan at Amomi spa for more info on Infant Massage classes or to schedule a massage for yourself

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