Thursday, March 24, 2011

Touch of a Hand

My baby wasn't so into breastfeeding when she was first born, but I was determined!  We spent the first week trying at every feeding and then supplementing with a bottle because she would get so frustrated and not ever really latch on.  So at one week we went to a lactation consultant.  I figured it couldn't hurt and I learned some really useful tips.  The best one being to...

Rub the baby's hand...

Who knew! So here's what you do.  When the baby latches on, rub their hand and it starts them sucking.  It reminds them of when they were in utero.  That was how they got your amniotic fluid, by sucking on their hands.  So when you massage their hands, they are tricked into thinking they are sucking in the amniotic fluid.

I did this to help my little one get used to the suckling motion.  Once she figured it out, I stopped having to massage her hand, but what a great tip that helped get my daughter breastfeeding.

Here's to full baby bellies!

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