Sunday, March 20, 2011


No one will ever master the swaddle as good as the nurses in the hospital.  It will never be as tight and it will never stay put, especially as the baby gets a little older and begins to wiggle more.  This is why you need to get...

Swaddle Wraps.

With velcro to hold it in place, it is the best thing to wrap up your little one with.  My baby girl had mastered the escape from regular blanket swaddling, and we would see her arms and legs flailing and find the blanket sprawled out under her when we would go to get her out of her bassinet.  Not good since it's not good to have loose bedding in the bassinet with them.  The swaddle wrap is super easy to use.  Put her legs in, wrap one side then the other and velcro it closed.  Now, she can't get out, although Houdina, as we call her, does sometimes manage to get her little hands out. 

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