Monday, March 28, 2011

Boogie Woogie

No baby likes to see that nasty blue aspirator coming their way.  There is really no way around it though.  They are too little to blow their nose and since babies breathe ONLY through their nose, you certainly don't want them to be stuffy.  So in you go, saline in one hand, aspirator in another, ready to wrestle the boogies out.  Mom and baby come out of the experience in tears or close to it.  So what to do???  Get an...

Automatic Boogie Getter. 

Now that is not the official name of it, I have the Graco brand (see the link below).  With the push of a button music plays and it gently sucks the boogies from your little ones tiny nose.  No moving their head from side to side, fewer tears (if any at all) and most importantly, NO MORE BOOGIES :)

Here's to happy boogie getting...

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