Friday, March 11, 2011

Captured in Photos

Everyone tells you to take pictures of every moment both before and after the baby arrives.  I thought for sure that I would be "that woman."  The one that took a picture of my belly at the same time every week, but I wasn't.  I started when I started to show, but I quickly forgot to take out the camera as Sundays came and went.  So in my 8th month I had a friend take some...

Maternity Photo's.

They are some of my favorite pictures I've ever had taken!  Some by myself, some with my hubby and all with my fabulous growing belly!  Because it was a friend of mine that took the photo's I was super comfortable.  We took some of my bare belly and them some very decent nude photo's to show off my pregnant body in all it's beautiful glory.  However you choose to be dressed (or not) in your photo's I highly recommend taking some! 

Also, take one yourself of you and your belly in the hospital as you hop into the bed to give birth.  Take that one last picture of your pregnant belly.  You'll treasure it...I do!

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