Friday, March 11, 2011

Reusable All the Way

I stocked up on disposable nursing pads when I was pregnant.  I didn't know any better.  I registered for dubious amounts, happily took friends leftovers and thanked people profusely when they gave them to me as gifts.  Then when I got home, I put them in my bra, excited (crazy, I know!) to try out what I had so many of, and in a few short minutes realized...

Use reusable nursing pads!

The disposable ones felt like I had a diaper in my bra!  They are big and bulky and when they start soaking up milk, they become soggy.  Just like a diaper!  EWWW!  Not to mention that you can see them through your clothes.

The reusable ones are great.  You can buy them in packages of 6 (3 pair).  I have bought multiple brands and they are all great.  They are comfortable to the point I don't even know they are there.  I wash them in the lingere bag with my daughters socks, mittens, and wash cloths so that they don't get lost in the washer and dryer.  Take my word for it...reusable all the way!

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