Sunday, March 6, 2011

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

It's not easy to get a crying infant in and out of a car seat.  The straps can get twisted, you have to make your poor baby contort in funny ways just to get their arm through and they never seem to be seated in the right way to be even remotely comfortable.  But did you know that you can make it a little easier??

The straps are adjustable!

Who knew?  Not I, until I became a mom.  My poor cousins, nieces and nephews that I tried to squeeze into the car seat.  But that button at the foot of the car seat releases the straps so that you can easily get them on/off and around their arms.  The fabric pull that is there is to tighten the straps once you get it buckled.  It makes for the perfect fit EVERY time!  Be sure that the chest buckle is across their nipples and that you can't pinch the fabric that is down their belly.  I can't promise that your baby won't be crying as you put them in, but maybe this pointer will help make the process a little easier!

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