Thursday, March 3, 2011

One Missing Sock

It has happened to us all, we lose a sock in the laundry, just one from each pair.  Why can't an entire pair go missing?  Where does that one sock go?  I have NO idea!  Well with baby socks and mittens it's exactly the same, if not worse.  Baby socks are so tiny that even if it's right there in the pile of clean clothes, you can't see it.  So my pointer of the day...

Use a lingerie bag.  

Brilliant right??  It works.  I keep the bag hanging on the corner of her little hamper so that I don't have to sort through her laundry as I'm putting it in the wash.  I use the bag for her socks, mittens, tights and reusable nursing pads. 

One missing sock...not anymore!

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